Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vanilla Skies

I decided to spend part of the afternoon at a local farm with my son. We went for a wagon ride which he yet again showed his penchant for sharing the cab with the driver. I especially loved how he gripped the reins and twisted around in the direction he wanted the horses to go. Kinda like me with a game controller.

It was a perfect day just for enjoying the outdoors. Gigantic fluffy marshmallow clouds floated overhead, pumpkin vines curled everywhere on the path and the smell of warm old leather tickled the senses. I wish I wish...


The end of our visit was punctuated with a lovely sweet vanilla ice cream cone. Which, when we got to the car, my son up ended into my cup holder while he climbed into his seat. Good thing I save napkins in the dash! What a turkey!

I need some encouragement. Here's a picture of my in between my sewing project, project. *sheepish grin* It's an embroidery sampler. I have to say embroidery is not my favorite pass time. Give me cross stitch any ol' day but embroidery is just so . . . hard!

What do you think so far?