Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tissue Paper Tenderhooks

I've been keeping busy! I redesigned my blog. Thanks in a big way to! I'm on a steep learning curve in all sorts of media. I promise to try to take better pictures with my trusty digital camera. For example, my next project:

Can you guess what I'm up to my elbows in now?

Yup, sewing. I'm not going to give away what just yet.

But isn't it strange that I found myself utterly shaken at the simple activity of cutting out those tissue-thin patterns? My hands were shaking as I snipped close to the lines. My thought at first was that it was because the last time I had gone through these same motions I had been making my wedding dress. But no, I reminded myself that I had, actually, made a Jedi Halloween costume for my husband (now ex) a few years later.

Regardless of what the occasion, I realized, making anything with your own two hands starts with the intent.

If you make something with your own two hands, you cannot help but put a little of yourself in the work. Sometimes it's a little smidge of interest, sometimes it's with a truckload of heart. If I've been holding back in giving of myself out of fear (of getting hurt, of bleh feedback, or whatever) then the simple act of making something with meaning can be a challenge.

So if you're going to do it, I say it's best to start with scissors.  

Keep them sharp, ignore your shaking hands and let out a trembling laugh. If you make a mistake that's what tape is for. And who's to say the dog isn't going to come over and drool on the insipid tissue pattern and turn it into mush anyway.

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