Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shabby Chic

What do you do when you have a ton of cleaning to do? Distract yourself with a long-overdue project! That's what!! I've had two windows in my basement for I don't know how long now. Long enough that I remember the ex-husbands eye roll when I insisted on keeping them (or dragging them home--whichever it was). 
One of the things I wanted to make with them was a pot rack. I saw a picture of it once in a magazine, and then more recently on Pinterest.

I decided today was the day. I toted my little guy with me to the hardware store and picked out the few things I didn't have at home like the chain and a few hooks. I took the skin off my pointer finger trying to change the drill bit but finally got the holes in the frame for the screw hooks.

The end product is just about perfect! I put it above the island in my kitchen where it's out of the way of bobbin' noggin's. Now why would I go to all that trouble if I'm planning on moving so soon, you ask? Answer: I'm taking it with me, sillies!!

Oh and I added a little color from my very overgrown and, bless it, neglected Medicine Garden. There's a little sprig of lavender, beebalm and chamomile drying on the rack!

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