Saturday, July 27, 2013

Over a cup of joe

I'm sitting here enjoying my morning coffee, listening to the light rain outside. Koda, my Shiloh Shepherd is resting behind me. I can just hear his plush falling out. Midsummer is when he goes through a major shed, as my house can firmly attest to. I can evoke the spirit of the Midwest whenever I feel like it, with all the hair tumbleweeds floating around. I can't keep up with their production. Oh well. No one can compare me to Martha Stewart. :)
Koda from last summer--we haven't had any grand photo ops yet this year

I finished embroidering my first badge last night (yipee!!) It was completed in backstitch since the pattern was a sketch and I couldn't for the life of me think of another stitch that would compliment it. I'm happy with the turnout though. I hope the transfer media washes off. It was not meant for stitching through and cracked in several places. The perfectionist in me wants a nice soft rubbable badge.
don't ask me why this came out sideways...

Plans for today? Get off my tush and go find some more boxes for packing up. Ugh. I hate asking around for boxes. Someone tell me to suck it up. I have one month left, give or take, before I move into my country rental where I'll have a few acres to spread my wings. It will be worth it to have the forest on one side and a field on the other (and the beach just down the road--joy!). Oh the wandering this farm girl
soul will have!

Green Blessings!

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