Sunday, July 28, 2013

Garden Blooms & Seaweed

Wouldn't you know it. Just as I'm in the home stretch, pardon the pun, my garden decides decides despite my marked absence it's going to show off with a final explosion of bloom. Y'know. Just to make sure that I miss it when I leave. I have Shasta daisies and Brown-eyed Susans blooming in the side garden. I snipped a few to enjoy while I'm at the computer . . .

And didn't my Chickory decide that this was the year it was finally going to make it's long awaited appearance! It was playing peekaboo with me, only blooming in the morning so when I went back later in the day to check it was gone as if I had hallucinated it. Well I waited till this morning and cut off a stem to catalogue for prosperity.

My kitchen is still a bit messy but at least when I go past/through it ('cause heaven forbid I should actually cook something in there!Whoever designed the kitchen was not a feng shui practitioner. At. All.) I get the lovely scent of drying lavender and chamomile. 

Of my list of things to do I now have 'how many flowers can I smuggle to my new place?'

Something else might interest you. Something you suspected but could never quite collect enough evidence. 

I'm a mermaid!!

The beach was lovely today. Had a bitty picnic with a friend after a long soak in the seaweed--I mean water. The crowds weren't quite as bad as they were earlier in the month. We could actually stretch without invading someones personal space. Afterwards my friend and I went to Lola's, a lovely little local shop with all sorts of treasures. I can see myself going there often.

All in all it was a loverly day!

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