Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Creative Energy

I have been so inspired these last few days. I've visited so many of my fellow Farm girl blogs and been uplifted and driven by their stories. It makes me want to be accountable for my own quiet little corner of the world.

So bit by bit I am taking going green more seriously. I've started with my Laundry and my Kitchen. In doing so I have earned my first badge with the Farmgirl Sisterhood (yay!!). This weekend I will blow the dust off my embroidery skills and try my hand at embroidering the badge onto a piece of linen. I think eventually as I add to the collection I will put them together on an apron or a quilt. We'll see.

I also started a scrapbook for my fledgling chapter. Any fellow members will be able to help me decorate and add pages to the book to mark achievements or events. Or, heck, it will be an excuse just to make a pretty page! :)

I also made a friendship bracelet in advance of the first Meet n' Greet that I have scheduled for this weekend. I wanted to do a dry run so I could help anyone else with their assembly. If I don't have any interested parties this time around or if everyone is just happy on their own I can sew away on my badge.

Innit perty?! :D  You can make one too if you join me on Saturday!! Nudge nudge!!

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